The style is the unique way in which one represents things. It is nothing but the varying degrees of perceptions and imaginations that lead to different unique representations. As drawing is all about the visual representation of things, no wonder it has got different styles as there are numerous ways to depict things, which depends on how the artists view and imagine them. The following are some of the popular drawing styles that are widely pursued by the artists all over the world.

  • Realism

The unique style of depicting things, which the artists perceive as ‘real’ or close to real is called the realism drawing style.

  • Photorealism

While realism style corresponds to depicting the ‘real’ objects and scenes as it is, the photorealism style corresponds to portraying the photographed image as it is, on a different medium.

  • Surrealism

This style allows the artists to dwell in his/her imaginations and produce stunning surreal drawings that could startle the world altogether!