Popular Methods

Pencil drawing

Using the standard pencils, the entire drawing is achieved on a paper and hence, can be called the ‘black and white’ drawing. The standard pencils come in a variety of lead styles, which offer different shades to the drawings.

Pen and Ink drawings

Here the drawings are achieved using the ink pens and the jar inks or the India ink, that provide the colorful effect to the drawing(s). There are several drawing techniques used in this method such as the hatchings, random lines, stippling etc. that denote specific styles of drawing using the relevant pens and inks.


The varying tip sizes and the variety of marker colors offer, the freedom for the artists to produce different drawing styles and hence, one of the versatile drawing methods.

Digital drawing

This drawing is effectuated by the computer-controlled gadgets and the relevant software and hence, much superior, efficient, versatile and time-saving. All the above-mentioned traditional drawing methods can be efficiently achieved using the digital method, which is why highly pursued by the artists of the current generation.