Paper Vs Digital

Traditional drawing method is completely manual and therefore, depends entirely on the artist’s capabilities. Also, there are different techniques according to the medium used, each having their own significant effects and influences. The traditional method although seems to be more ‘natural’ as the entire control lies with the artist and his/her capabilities, it also comes with lot many drawbacks such as the wastage of time and effort, material wastages especially, in the event of errors and corrections, not so long-lasting and so on.

On the other hand, the digital drawing method is controlled by the computer gadgets and the relevant software, which could almost simulate every traditional drawing medium without much ado. It is also less time-consuming and yet, offer superior quality drawings that could last longer than the traditional ones. Although it saves money on material wastages, not every artist is able to afford the cost of procuring the sophisticated gadget and hence, shy away from trying it.