• Better medium of communication

The drawing could be considered as the better medium of communication as it overcomes the demerits of the textual messages, which are dependent on the languages. Even the younger kids, who are not well-versed with the language could understand the illustrated drawings without much trouble and hence, undoubtedly the superior medium of communication than the language.

  • Endless creativity

Even if the language fails, the visual art would survive allowing the artists to convey their mind’s creativity in a more convincing manner. What that cannot be explained using words could be brilliantly and astonishingly conveyed in drawings, which is undoubtedly the superior quality of it.

  • Promotes cultural bonding

Drawing is always accepted and appreciated by the society as it kindles the interest and imagination of the viewers. Also, lot many things could be learned easily from the drawings, which interests the people to travel different locations and understand the different culture and policies specific to that geography. This naturally promotes cultural bonding that diminishes the differences prevalent in the society.