The cave paintings of the early humans which were the means of communication pursued by them could be termed as the inspiration for all those spectacular drawing forms that followed in the later years. The cave paintings of Lascaux in France are still viewed with an awe, which shows the impressions the drawings produce that lasts beyond the ages.Later, during the middle ages, the drawings were used for different communication purposes, that is communicating the religion to the people and hence, started gaining popularity but not so significantly until the Renaissance period of the 15th century.

The famous artists of this period gave a new dimension to this art form and extended its popularity and purpose beyond religion and communication, making it the wonderful medium for expressing things in the universe. This made the art form to be eyed as an important profession, paving way for the growth of mind-blowing artists and their singular drawing methodologies. Today, the drawing concept stands much more powerful in the hands of the technology and creates a unique charm which would last beyond the generations.