• Brief Synopsis

    A schoolteacher unravels the mystery behind the odd relationship between her new pupil and a stranger with a dark secret.

    What's New


    Howl Wins Award!

    Today Howl won Student Widescreen Film of the Year at the BKSTS/National Media Museum!


    Howl Wins Two Awards!

    Today Howl won Best Screenplay and Best Horror/Thriller, missing out on Best Film at the Screentest Film Festival!


    Howl Nominated for Award!

    Howl has been nominated for Student Widescreen Film of the Year award at this years BKSTS/National Media Museum Awards!


    Howl Nominated for Awards!

    Howl has been nominated for a total of 3 awards at this years Screentest Film Festival! Best Film, Best Horror/Thriller and Best Screenplay! Fingers crossed!


    1st Birthday!

    Today is the 1 year anniversary of the first day of shooting. This time one year ago, we were shooting Bertie the dog at the exterior of our school!


    DCP ahead of Camerimage!

    Today Director Jamie Sims and DOP Samuel Hooper sat down to make small changes ahead of screening in Poland!


    Camerimage Film Festival!

    Today we got word that Howl was accepted into the prestigious Camerimage Film Festival in Poland!


    Portobello Film Festival

    Today we screened Howl at the Portobello Film Festival!


    Today we had a private screening at the school location, for all of the children and parents involved!


    BKSTS Screening!

    Today we screened at London BFI for the BKSTS Annual Student Film Show!


    Lab Festival Screening!

    Today we screen Howl at The Lab Film Festival in Hackney, London!


    Poster for print!

    Today we send our poster to the printers ahead of the Degree Show, special thanks to Grace Suarez for her fantastic designing!


    First Screening!

    Today is the first screening of Howl in all of it's glory! Everybody seemed to love it!


    Local University Press!

    An article about fundraising with Director Jamie Sims, and Producer Nina Kastner was published in the University Magazine, Glue!



    Director Jamie Sims sits down with Composer Harry Kirby and gets creative juices flowing, everywhere!


    Picture Lock

    Today we locked the picture edit! Hard grafting by editor and director!


    Shoot Wrapped!

    Today we wrapped filming on our shoot! Stills and videos coming soon!



    Director Jamie Sims and 1st AD Ben Cowan sat down to finalise storyboards.


    Bertie the Newfoundland

    We went to meet a dog for the film, Bertie the Newfoundland. Here is the video!


    School Meeting

    We held a meeting with all of our extras' parents after school today!


    Grit Media Interview

    Director Jamie Sims, Writer Allan Macleod and Producer Nina Kastner do an interview with Grit Media.


    Fully Cast!

    We're now fully cast! We shall be revealing our actors very shortly!


    Composer Visit

    Director Jamie Sims, Sound Designer James Wright and Editor Ross Cameron went to meet our Composer Harry Kirby.


    Caravan Location Visit

    Our location team tracked down a nearby abandoned caravan to pass as Big George's house!


    School Location Visit

    We took a trip to our school location for a meeting with the Headmaster, and to begin measuring out rooms!


    Paul Bolton Audition

    We took a trip to London for auditions for the part of Paul Bolton.



    Producer Nina Kastner and 1st AD Ben Cowan sat down to work out a preliminary schedule for the shoot!


    Location Visit

    Today, we visited our school location to plan out a few of our scenes.


    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Everybody! Donations are going swimmingly so let's keep it going! Thanks x


    Merry Christmas!

    We hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas!


    School Location

    Today we locked down our location for the school. Forms are signed and we've begun to map out the scenes in the school!


    Donations Galore!

    Our Kickstarter Page hasn't even been online a day, and we're already 26% funded! Thank You!


    Kickstarter Page

    Today we set up our Kickstarter page. To donate towards our film, simply click here! Donate!


    Pledge Video

    Today we shot the video for our crowd fundraising page, we hope to have the page go live, later today!


    Almost Fully Cast

    We have finalised our casting and have made offers towards the lucky few!


    Casting Decisions

    Director Jamie Sims, Producer Nina Kastner and Writer Allan Macleod review all of our actors!


    Casting Recalls

    The team head to London for the last day of Casting Recalls.


    Casting Recalls

    The team head to London for Casting Recalls. We will have a Karen and Ellie after this weekend!


    Creature Builder

    We welcome a new member to our team, Robbie Drake, to help build our creature!


    Crowd Fundraising

    We set about creating our Kickstarter page! Coming Soon!

    Howl Opening Scene

    We hope you enjoy this short teaser of the film, and look forward to you being able to see it in it's entirety, after our Festival run is over!

  • About Our Story

    'As I write this I can see Ellie from my window playing and I am still in awe at the child's circumstances. Perhaps it is fate that she was born half-blind, allowing her not to see the creature for the monstrosity it truly is.' - Karen Crawshaw, October 1994 (Diary Extract)


    A schoolteacher unravels the mystery behind the odd relationship between her new pupil and a stranger with a dark secret.

    Our Aim

    As primary school teacher Karen Crawshaw takes on new pupil Eleanor Stagg, a man spends his days watching the children at the gates to the school. With the sense of peace at the school now threatened, Karen attempts to understand the man's strange attraction to Eleanor, all the while coming to terms with the bizarre behaviour of the headmaster – Paul Bolton.

    In a chilling climax, Karen discovers that the true evil had been much closer to home, and the man was not as he seemed.

    The film hopes to regenerate interest in the horror/monster genre through combining metaphorical parallels between a common evil within society - paedophilia - and a traditional creature of nightmares. Using this, the film explores both adult and child fears.

    The film was successfully shot in February 2013, in Surrey, UK. Post-Production has completed and now Howl is making the rounds on the Festival circuit!

  • Production

  • Press

    We have been fortunate enough to feature in several blogs/magazines, here are just a few of them. If you'd like to do an article on the film, please contact Ben Cowan at marketing@howlshortfilm.com

  • Contact Info

    Nina Kastner (Producer)



    Jamie Sims (Director)



    Allan Macleod (Writer)



    Adam Baldock (Production Manager)



  • Special Thanks

    A huge thank you goes out to all of those who have contributed towards our film so far! You're helping make this film a reality!

    Erik Berglund

    Steve Martin

    Beth Duffell

    Naomi Rose Thomas

    Rosa Blackburn

    Hannah Rowsell

    Jack Grange

    Grant Woolley

    Fundamental Theatre Project

    Edward Quin

    Wayne Jameson

    Mark Sambrook/strong>


    Aimee Norris

    Gordon Wright

    Natalie Yau

    Clementine Lloyd

    Kudzai Mupotsa

    Don Newton

    Alex Simmonds

    Kunal Shah

    Becky Dale-Everett

    Veronie Adams

    David Webb

    Lynn Rose

    Laurence Saxon

    Gordon Grant

    Katie Sainer

    Sharon Prentice

    Elizabeth Colleen Mellies

    Carol-anne Stanghan

    Holly Brooks

    Sim Padmore


    Elaine Adamson

    David Hadley

    Tony Sambrook

    Christobel Mary Sambrook

    Jane Appleby

    Callum Graham

    Gabriel Cordel

    Sheradan Miller

    Thomas Rawsthorn

    Marcus and Catherine Van Dam

    Lena and Peter Kästner

    Norma Baldock

    Vix Standen

    Chris Thomas

    Masha Kästner and David Moss

    David Moreno, Josefa Moreno Rivilla and Natasa Buljan

    Carla Petrini

    Francisco and Anne Moreno

    Trevor Prentice

  • Creature Concepts

    More Content Coming Soon

    Karen Crawshaw

    Ellie Stagg

    Big George



  • Videos

    A Meeting With Bertie from HowlShortFilm

    Pledge Video Outtakes #1 from HowlShortFilm

    Pledge Video Outtakes #2 from HowlShortFilm

    Character Concept Meeting 2 from HowlShortFilm

    South Farnham School Recce from HowlShortFilm

    MC Big Bad Wolf from HowlShortFilm

    Werewolf Rampage on Campus! from HowlShortFilm

  • Karen Crawshaw

    Sarah Whitehouse

    Sarah Whitehouse has a wide range of experience, having worked in feature films, TV, theatre and in radio.
    Sarah brings a natural maternal quality to Karen.
    You can find out more at:

    Ellie Stagg

    Cara Doherty

    The youngest of our cast, Cara Doherty is a fantastic actress with huge success already, currently working on commercials and short films. There is something magic about Cara which we knew from day one, and we're very excited to show this on screen!

    Mr Bolton

    James Wren

    Although the antagonist of the film, James Wren is from a comedy background as a writer, performer and producer working with the likes of Rhys Darby.
    James brings a brilliant realism to the Bolton.
    You can check him out on:

    Big George

    Neil Cole

    Neil Cole had a captivating stillness in his audition: the perfect Man for Howl. Not only an actor, a comedian, broadcaster, voiceover artist, and motorsport journalist, he is also currently shooting his own show.
    You can check him out on:

    Masha Greenwood

    Keeley Jo-Jupp

    Playing the mother of Eleanor Stagg, Keeley-Jo Jupp has worked in film, radio and theatre. Keeley brings the difficult challenge of someone trying to provide for her daughter, while the whole world crashes around her.
    You can check her out on:

    The Creature

    Dan Dewhirst

    Dan Dewhirst is a highly experienced Stunt-Man and Actor whose performances have covered everything from feature film to West-End stage. Previous creature performances include work for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, movement for Rytlock Brimstone in the award winning game GuildWars 2 and shows for the Royal Opera House.
    You can find our more about him here:


    Jessica Bohan

    One of our main classroom children, Jessica Bohan's confident nature makes her perfect for the showoff of the class. She was a delight in the auditions and is perfect on screen!


    Liam Finnegan

    The second youngest of our cast, Liam Finnegan's curious and cheeky nature makes him perfect for the role of Aaron, he stood out from many in our auditions. We're very please to have him involved!